I Am Number Four |Book Review

Title: I Am Number Four

i_am_number_four_book_coverAuthor: Pittacus Lore

My Rating: 3

Summary: Planet Lorien has been destroyed and only nine Garde and their trainers escape in hope to save their race and repopulate their planet one day. They flee to earth and do their best to blend in but they are hunted out by the same people that destroyed their planet, the Mogadorians. They develop legacies and try their best to stay alive, but three are dead, six left. The Mogadorians won’t stop until they’ve killed them all, and John Smith (aka Number Four) is next.

My Thoughts: I’ve heard about the movie a lot, but I’ve never seen it (and I don’t plan to). I saw this book at the bookstore and decided to read it.

This book really grabbed my attention and I
really couldn’t put it down at first, but as I read ahead I got bored and the book lost its appeal. I wanted to stop reading this book many times but I wanted to know what happened in the end and that kept me going. By the time I reached the end of the book I was just skimming over it just to find out the ending.

This book had its highs and lows. The story was really interesting and attention grabbing but I didn’t enjoy the way it was told. One thing that I really didn’t like was the writing style. The style was quite boring and plain and not at all capturing. I think it’s because three people wrote this book together so their different styles got mixed up.

I really loved Sam’s character. He was willing to give up everything for his friends. I don’t know why but Sarah got on my nerves and I just can’t explain why I was bothered by her presence.

Overall it was a good read but wasn’t something special. It lacked the wow factor that makes you unable to put the book down.


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