Forty Rules of Love |Book Review


Title: For17251641ty Rules of Love

Author: Elif Shafak

My Rating: 5

Summary: Ella is forty-something and unhappily married. When she takes up the job as a literary agent her first assignment is to read a book, Sweet Blasphemy, by Aziz Zahara. Ella is soon captivated by the tale of Shams’ and his search for Rumi and his transformation into a poet and philosopher. She somehow feels that the book mirrors her life and she needs someone to help transform herself.

My Thoughts: This book got quite popular last year and so for my birthday
this year my friend gifted me this book. I felt like it was going to all philosophical and boring, but I was really wrong.

When I frist picked up this book I found it really boring. I used to dread reading the parts set in the 13th century and eagerly waited for the Ella’s story. After I was a few chapters in I decided to start it all over again and found it really interesting. It was just the fact that the story was set centuries back that made me lose my interest but after rereading the first few chapters I got caught up in the story.

When you read this book you actually read a book inside a book and that is what makes this book really interesting. Reading about the same events from different point of views makes it clear how differently everyone perceives the same thing. From Ella to Sulaiman, every character was very well-written.

I just loved the complexity of the book and how perfectly everything fits together. This book does a really good job to show how reading affects our personality and changes who we are.

It may sound weird but as soon as I finished this book, I started reading it again because I didn’t want to leave it all behind. This book is really interesting and I recommend it to everyone.


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