The Alchemist |Book Review

Titldownload (5)e: The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

My Rating: 4

Summary: this is the story of a shepherd who travels from his homeland Spain to Egypt in search of a treasure. Along his journey he meets a gypsy, a king and an alchemist and they all help him reach his treasure without knowing if he will find it or not.

My Thoughts: This book is quite popular but I’ve never really wanted to read it. I feel like Paulo Coelho books are really boring and full of philosophy. As the summer reading plan this year I was required to read this book for school and I found it really good.

I really liked the main character, Santiago. He was determined to do what he wanted to do. Even with less money he took up a job that would help him do what he was always passionate about, travel. He was determined to follow his heart and never gave up.

You may have heard many people saying that this book changed their life and it is true. This is one of those books that have a great impact on the reader and makes you rethink your life.

This book teaches you a lot of things. The main lesson is to follow your dreams. Even if you have to risk everything, never give up on your dreams.

It also teaches you to never give up. Even when Santiago had no money and place to live he never gave up. He worked hard and he earned enough money to follow his heart and his dream and most importantly even when the odds were against him, he never gave up.

This book was sometimes boring but it was still very good. I recommend it to everyone as it teaches you so much.


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