After You |Book Review

download (3)Title: After You

Author: Jojo Moyes

My Rating: 3

Summary: After spending six months with Will that transformed Louisa’s life, now she is struggling without him. She has taken a fresh start, moved to a new city and has a new job, but she is still struggling. She joins a support group to help her through this time but it is just not working for her and then a figure from Will’s past turns her life upside-down.
I was really excited about this book. What is better than knowing that one of your favorite books is going to have a sequel? Well this book turned out to be really disappointing.

I really enjoyed reading Me Before You and I had quite high expectations for this book. This book was like a unwanted sequel. Me Before You was all about how unique their story was did not do its sequel any justice.

I liked the characters of this book. One person I really loved was Sam. He was just perfect. He was willing to do anything for Lou and he even risked his job for a person he didn’t even know that well. Lily was an interesting character. She reminded me so much of Will, her sarcasm and attitude was just like him. She felt so left out from everyone’s life and was trying to find someone who would care for her.

One thing I really enjoyed about the book was Lou’s mother’s realization of patriarchal oppression. I loved how after years of time spent serving her family she wanted to do something for herself and the way Lou’s father was against it was really fun and I enjoyed reading that.

I also liked all the support group meetings. It was quite fascinating how different people coped with the pain of losing someone.

A friend of mine read After You before reading Me Before You (yeah, she’s a bit weird) and she told me that after reading Me Before You the sequel sounded really dumb, but when she first read it as a stand-alone novel she liked it. As crazy as it sounds, she was right. After You would have been a great stand-alone novel, but reading it as a sequel I was really disappointed.

I do recommend it to every Me Before You fan because even though it is really disappointing, but still we all want to know how Lou’s life was after Will.




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