Paper Towns |Book Review

Titldownloade: Paper Towns

Author: John Green

My rating: 2

Summary: Quentin Jacobsen has spent his entire life loving Margo Roth Spiegelman. One night she enters his room and summons him on a journey so he follows. Quentin arrives to school the next day to find out that Margo had disappeared. Quentin finds out that she has left some clues as to where she went and with his friends he takes over the quest of finding Margo.
My friend force me to read this book to show me how bad it was and the truth is that she wasn’t wrong. This book is one of the worst books I’ve read.

My thoughts: I just don’t get why people like John Green’s books. The only book I liked was The Fault in Our Stars, and even that was okay. I think he writes about the same thing and almost the same story just making a little changes here and there. I really don’t like his writing style. You know that feeling when you read something and it makes an impact on you, well while reading John Green I don’t get that feeling.

I finished this book hating the name Margo. Margo is so pretty. Margo is so beautiful. Margo is this. Margo is that. So basically Margo is just perfect. Quentin I just want to tell you something, Margo doesn’t like you, get over it. Quentin is just so madly in love with Margo that no matter how badly she treats him he is still there to do whatever she asks him to.

Okay so one thing I don’t get is that is Margo doesn’t want to be found why does she leaves clues, just tell them where you’re going or just simply leave. They spend the entire book finding Margo and turns out she didn’t want to be found.

I hated everything about this book from the plot to the characters. I just couldn’t stand how Q was always worshipping Margo and comparing her to philosophical things. The only thing better than the rest of the book were the conversations between Q and his friends.

This is probably the worst book I’ve ever read. Let me save you the trouble. Who is the real Margo? An attention seeker.




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