Clockwork Angel |Book Review

Title: Clockwork Angel

download (2)Author: Cassandra Clare

My Rating: 5

Summary: Sixteen year old Tessa Grey arrives in London in search of her brother, after the death of her aunt. There she is taken captive by two warlocks who call themselves the Dark Sisters. They torture Tessa and make her realize that she has special powers. Tessa is rescued by the shadowhunters of the London institute and with their help she searches for her brother.

My Thoughts: So we’ve all read the Mortal Instruments, if you haven’t you need to read it now. This is the first book of the Infernal Devices, the prequel series to the Mortal Instruments. So when I heard that there was going to be a prequel series I thought that it would be about Valentine and the Circle, but I was so wrong.

This book is really great start to an amazing series. I really love how much effort the author has put into the series and the shadow world is astonishing. I’ve already read this book twice and I’m sure that it’s not the last time.

I’m in love with all the characters of this book. Tessa is a sixteen year old girl and the only thing that matters to her is the safety of her brother and she is ready to do anything for him. I really like the cute couple of Charlotte and Henry. Charlotte is a strong women who is the head of the largest institute and the there’s Henry who is supposed to help Charlotte but all he cares about are his crazy inventions. I love the Will-Jem relationship. Will is the most heartless person ever and Jem on the other hand is the most caring one. Gabriel Lightwood is also introduced and he has some bad blood with Will.

From the page you met Jem I knew that there is something wrong with him and wanted to know what it is, but as soon as I got to know what it was I felt so sorry for him. But more than Jem I felt sorry for Will because He was going to lose his parabatai and he knows that there is nothing he can do to help him.

I really love all the series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles, but these books are my favorite. Everybody should read this because it’s simply amazing, but if you haven’t read the Mortal Instruments, read those first.


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